Never Stop Learning

April 30, 2013  •  Leave a Comment
I am back from a great long weekend at the annual NHPPA conference.  I have been a member of this group for over 10 years and this has always been a time for me, not only to connect to other photographers, but to regroup and refocus my business.  I am always filled to the brim when I return with new ideas, techniques and a sense of excitement.  This was my first year on the board of directors, as membership chair, so I got to experience a different take on how it all comes together, and see just how much work it is! I was inducted this weekend as the 2nd VP, and I am excited to start fulfilling my responsibilities.  

I am also excited to share with you that I received my Associate Colleague of Photography degree this weekend.  This is earned in reward for service to the association as well as for photographic expertise.  

We also have a print competition and I am excited to share that all my prints were awarded ribbons!

"Fallen from Grace" earned a Blue Ribbon!

"Baby Doll" earned a Red ribbon

 "Our Jumpin' Joys" earned a Red ribbon

"Fetching Water from the Wood" earned a White ribbon

"Tummy Time" earned a White ribbon


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