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This month we would like to introduce you to Alyssa Van Guilder and her little family that has been growing!  Alyssa is the owner and artist behind the amazing retreat in Goffstown, Apotheca!  The little depot building has been transformed into a coffee and tea shoppe with yummy goodies and smiling staff.  Also, a place to sit and relax, take in a class, or enjoy open mic night!  And of course, the flower shop is always meeting and exceeding our expectations, with Alyssa's wonderful selections from the Boston flower market and her staff that goes the extra mile!  Take a look at the dynamic woman behind it all...

Please tell us a little about your family!
I share my days with 5 wonderful people!  The man of my life, Pierre, and my 4 children, Noah who is 12, Brynne who is 9, Cochlea who is 2, and Totem who is 3 months.

Can you share how you began your artwork in flora and fauna?
My first job at age 12 was for Farmer Dale Brown--he was our neighbor in rural Minnesota.  I started picking green beans and eventually ended up in the Green Houses working with flowers--that's where the magic happened-and my relationship with living blossoms began.   I am an artist and  love meaningful beauty --flowers are among the most powerful of all artful things, in my opinion. :)

How did you come to NH?
My father was born and raised in Vermont.  After a family reunion that took place in the great state of New Hampshire, I fell in love with it here.  Soon I concocted a plan to get as many of us 9 siblings-together with my parents-to move here!  While my two older sister's lived in Chester, NH, the rest of us were scattered everywhere.  I had one sibling still in my birth state of Alaska, one in Virginia, two- including myself- in Texas, and a handful in Minnesota.  It took some time, but eventually the bulk of us landed in New Hampshire.  

What brought you to the place of taking the leap and opening Apotheca ?
It was dream that festered for years and then necessity invited me to take the leap.  I responded with a blindfolded jump.  

What makes the long days worth it?
People--I have come to know so many incredible people, and many customers have become like family.  Also, being able to spend energy on a creative effort that I believe in is a gift, even on a 16 hour day! 

How do you balance the work and the passion?
I would say the passion creates the work, therefore the work is the passion.  However, it's always a trick finding time to do laundry! :)


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