The Portrait Design Consultation

The portrait design consultation is the first step in creating a unique portrait for you to cherish.  This is available for all our portrait sessions.  At this appointment, we will look at sample portraits and brainstorm  ideas for creating a truly distinctive portrait.   In doing this, we can discuss the type of clothing that will work best, we can prepare any use of props, and even backgrounds, beforehand.  Being prepared is key  to having a successful portrait session and allows everyone to relax and enjoy the experience.  This can be done at the studio, via phone, or email.

 The Portrait Session

The second step is the portrait session itself.  Because we are prepared, all we need to do is have fun!  I will allow myself to go wherever the session leads us.  This is how we create portraits beyond the ordinary.  The end product will be more of a commissioned work of art than the standard cookie cutter portrait.

 The Selection Appointment

The third step is selecting images for your home.  When your portraits are ready, you will be invited to my studio to view them.  We will guide you in the selection of images and products, giving expert opinions on image finishing, framing, and design. You can   expect to place your portrait order at this time, therefore, it is in your best interest that all decision makers be present at this appointment.         

Contact the studio for more information about our portrait offerings.


Digital Imagery

We are often asked about digital files. We feel that being a print focused studio creates the best customer service that we can offer. Allison is a print artist. We want our clients to have a finished product hanging on their walls or inside an heirloom album for them to enjoy for the many years ahead.

“The negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score, and the print the performance.” – Ansel Adams

The paper choice, the precision of color balance, and lightness value are all a part of the final piece.

Digital media is constantly changing and becoming obsolete. CD's, USB drives, digital file types are in a constant evolution. The printed image will never become obsolete. As a professional studio, we invest in staying up to date with this constant evolution in maintaining an archiving system to protect the digital negatives of your images for you, in the case of future loss or damage.

Allison takes pride in the images that she creates for you. We offer any finished product that we feel is suitable for your images to be proudly displayed and shared.

For the occasion where digital imagery is the needed product, we do have digital collections available.