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Seniors, tell your story!

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You’re a senior in high school! You’ve come a long way…and you have a story to tell. You may or may not be a writer, but one of the ways you will share your story for generations to come is through your senior portrait.


I was a senior in high school back in 1995. My hair had finally recovered from the horrible, chopped-way-too-short haircut that I started 8th grade with, and was now long, very long, and still very curly. I had gotten rid of the glasses that graced my nose a few years earlier in yearbook pictures, and now wore contacts. Braces were gone too. In one picture I’m wearing my cap and gown. In another, I’m holding my fluffy white cat, “Kitt” who I literally grew up with. And in another, I’m posing in my riding outfit, reminding me of the day when my grandfather sent me a horse and the ensuing years of equine love that eventually dwindled as I got busier and busier with high school activities. Location was on the same university campus where I had attended high school and where I would go on to attend and graduate from college. All pieces of my story.

So what is your story? For many seniors, this year in your life will be one of the most memorable and eventful; the end of many familiar things, and the beginning of new adventures. Your senior portrait is meant to reflect who you are at this time in your life, and give glimpses into the person you are becoming. Think about the images from your portrait session as telling a story.

Thinking about your senior portrait, but not sure where to start? Here are some ideas…

~Location:  Your senior portrait can be in the studio, at a location of your choice, or both. Do you have a special place that really speaks of who you are? Choosing the right location can help you feel at ease, convey a meaningful part of your story and spark conversation for generations to come.


~“But I like to go barefoot!” No problem. Your clothing choices are a huge part of the person you are. Choose clothing that’s comfortable and shows your personality. Choose colors that will complement both your skin-tone and your environment.

~Don’t be afraid to speak up! Have an idea for the best, epic photo of all time, but wonder if Allison will think you’re crazy? Remember, some of the best images have come from “thinking outside the box.”

~Bring a friend! Close friends can be a major part of your high school memories. They’re the ones who have shared in your story. So, feel free to bring along a friend and include them in some of your pictures.

You have a story to tell – the story of who you are, and of who you are becoming. So, let’s make some amazing memories of your story through images! Congratulations on being a senior in high school! May this year be a wonderful journey for you.

~Jessica Clater


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